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Are you a young person looking to give back to your community? Do you want to help shape my legislative work on Beacon Hill? Join my Youth Advisory Council!

The Youth Advisory Council will give students a platform to work with me on the key issues their generation is facing and to encourage change making through the legislative process. What's on your mind? Mental health? Gun control? Education? Together we will discuss pressing youth issues of the council's choosing and work to enact positive change.


I am seeking students who...

  • Are sophomores, juniors, or seniors from each town across my district

  • Will meet every other month with me and my team

  • Come from diverse racial, cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Have empathy and who want to improve the lives of their peers, especially those who may be more disadvantaged 

  • Have strong civic passion to enact change in their community

What will you get out of this experience? 

  • You will have the opportunity to communicate directly with your elected representative and advocate for change.

  • You will gain insight into the inner workings of government and the process by which ideas become law. 

  • You will work with your cohort on long-term research and policy proposals to develop your teamwork, research, and writing skills. 

  • You will connect with many like-minded students throughout the district interested in civic engagement.  

Interested? Apply below!

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