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Recycling Resources


Recycling helps protect the environment by reducing the need to extract new resources such as timber, water, and minerals. Massachusetts has one of the most advanced recycling systems in the country. Many systems are “single-stream” – no need to separate paper, metal, and plastic. Not sure if something is recyclable? Check out For more information about what kind of recycling system your town uses, click on your town name at the bottom of the page.

On this page you’ll also find information about how to recycle other products that don’t belong in the trash or recycling bin, such as electronics, mattresses, and textiles. 


Do you have a drawer of cables and chargers? What about a broken laptop or speaker? You’re not alone – electronic waste, or “E-waste,” is the world’s fastest-growing waste category, increasing by 60% between 2010 and 2019. It’s especially important to recycle these items because they may have valuable materials that can be reused – and they many contain batteries that could catch fire in the regular waste system. You should check your town’s website for more specific information, use the RecyclingMassachusetts search tool, or search for options on the following organizations' websites: 

Earth 911 

Greener Gadgets 

Call2Recycle (batteries) 

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Like many products that take up lots of space in landfills and could be recycled instead (food, metal, textiles), mattresses are not allowed to be thrown away in Massachusetts. There are several ways to safely and sustainably dispose of a mattress. Does your community collect mattresses at the curb, at a drop off site, or something else? Click here to find out. If you’re looking for a private company to accept or pick up your mattress, use the RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts Find-a-recycler tool.  


If you have clothing that can still be worn, consider donating it to a thrift store or one of the many Manufacturer & Retailer Take-Back Programs that will accept clothing even from other brands. If you don’t think resale is the best option, that’s OK - 95% of clothing and textiles are reusable or recyclable. If it’s not oily or moldy, it can be recycled and have another life.  

Find out where to donate your used textiles at the Massachusetts Beyond the Bin website. This site is a great resource to find a new home for all sorts of materials, from furniture to bicycles to appliances and more.

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