If you are a constituent of the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District and are having difficulty with a government entity, my team and I are here to help.

My office can serve as your liaison and advocate on your behalf with state government agencies. If you cannot get an answer from a state agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, our office may be able to help resolve the problem.

If you are encountering difficulty with a non-state entity (federal government, local government, or non-governmental services) our ability to intervene is limited but we can still assist by connecting you with the appropriate resources.


A note on unemployment fraud: On Tuesday, January 19th, the Department of Unemployment Assistance began issuing 1099-G documents for claimants. If you have received a 1099-G related to a fraudulent claim, please fill out the fraud reporting form by clicking here.

Please note it may take up to four weeks for DUA to review the report and send you a corrected Form 1099-G via US mail. In addition, the claim will not impact your ability to collect unemployment should you need to in the future and no charges will be assessed to your employer (if applicable).

 To open a constituent case with our office, please call

617-722-1555 or fill out the email form below.

Thank you for reaching out. A member of my team will get back to you shortly.