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Transparency is essential to ensuring your government works for you. After spearheading the candidate Transparency Pledge during the 2018 election cycle, I am now the foremost successful champion of transparency on Beacon Hill, having achieved advancements in transparency both on the floor and in the committee process. 

I became a Senator to serve all of my constituents. They deserve to know how I vote on their behalf. 

I publish all of my votes – both floor and committee – on this page. My team and I aim to update these votes on a monthly basis; if the website does not yet display a recent vote, you can call or email my office for my voting record.

My staff and I also take extra measures to make the legislative process more accessible and transparent for Massachusetts. Watch Low Budget Beacon Hilla web-series about state government, or read Demystifying the State Housea staff blog about the daily operations of Beacon Hill. Make sure to follow along on Twitter and Facebook for live updates on our Beacon Hill work.


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How to Track Bills

Instructions for tracking pending legislation with your own MA Legislature account.


"All Committee Votes Should Be Public"

An article on transparency

I authored for Commonwealth Magazine in March 2020.

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Low-Budget Beacon Hill

Rep. Maria Robinson and I explain the ins and outs of lawmaking on Beacon Hill. 


Demystifying the State House

Read my staff's blog about their experiences with the inner workings of Beacon Hill.



View all of my votes on the Senate floor and on the committees I serve.

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