The MA Senate passes the VOTES Act, legislation to sustain voting by mail in MA beyond the COVID pandemic

Pediatric health coverage a bigger issue after COVID

WWLP - November 10, 2021

Rausch’s testimony was about a bill (S 723) that would require all insurers in Massachusetts to offer coverage for preventive well child visits once a calendar year rather than annually, which is the practice of many insurers and which Rausch said translates in practice to 12 months plus one day. She said it was a problem before the pandemic that has turned into an even bigger problem now.

Asset forfeiture reformers eye scope of seizures

State House News Service - October 26,2021

Rep. Sena and Sen. Rausch both testified before the Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight on behalf of the bills they filed (H 3233 / S 2105) to bring transparency to the civil forfeiture process.

Higher COVID vaccination rate in Massachusetts could spare hospitals from another surge

MassLive - October 20, 2021

Rausch said Massachusetts “still has much work to do” to ensure all eligible residents are immunized. Disinformation and scare tactics have fueled vaccine hesitancy, in addition to the systemic racism that’s stymied vaccine uptake in communities of color.

Attleboro area senator says pandemic-era election reforms one step closer to being instituted

Sun Chronicle - October 10, 2021

Senator Rausch discusses the VOTES Act, an election reform bill designed to make voting safer and easier during the pandemic and expand ballot box access.

East meets west: State officials get first-hand account of the struggles Valley farmers face

Daily Hampshire Gazette - September 19, 2021

State lawmakers toured four farms in Hampshire and Franklin counties on Friday to better understand the challenges facing farming communities in western Massachusetts.

We Need to Hear Black Women's Voices: Study at Boston Hospitals looks at Wide Disparity in Maternal Deaths

WGBH - August 18, 2021

“I also hope that the stories of people’s lived realities, of giving birth in the Commonwealth, hopefully both before and during the pandemic, will show up in the commission’s report.”

Lawmakers propose Universal Mask Mandate across all Massachusetts Schools

CBS News - August 3, 2021

Senator Rausch filed a bill requiring K-12 teachers, students, and school administrators to wear masks within school facilities. “With less than a month before our children head back to school, this administration choses to play Russian roulette with the health of Massachusetts students and families,”

Massachusetts again becomes ground zero for pandemic

Metrowest Daily News - August 1, 2021

"Kids, parents, teachers and school committees have been through enough; they deserve better than weak, unenforceable, nonbinding guidelines that further endanger their health and safety."

The Debate Over Masks in Mass. Schools this Fall

GBH News - July 29, 2021

Senator Rausch advocates for consistent state-wide guidance on mask wearing in schools in lieu of comprehensive and robust masking policy from the Baker Administration.

Massachusetts considers higher efficiency bar for larger buildings

Energy News Network - July 28, 2021

Senator Rausch filed the Better Buildings Act, which could reduce Massachusetts' building emissions by 80% by 2040.