Whether it's affordable childcare, high-quality public education, affordable housing, or a functioning MBTA, Massachusetts' working families have unique needs. As a mom of two young kids, I live that reality every day.


My constituents sent me to Beacon Hill to fight for Massachusetts' public school students, regardless of special needs, family income, or language spoken at home. I was proud to support the Student Opportunity Act, a landmark education reform bill signed into law in 2019, which fixed Massachusetts' outdated education funding formula and poured an additional $2 billion per year into our Commonwealth schools, especially our highest-needs districts. Since day one of office, I have also been an advocate for universal pre-kindergarten for Massachusetts families as well as full-day kindergarten, a sorely needed program for our communities' working families.

The COVID-19 pandemic further weakened our social infrastructure that is letting far too many Bay Staters slip through the cracks. 
I have fought against service cuts to the MBTA, advocated for economic relief for childcare facilities and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and supported moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures because no family deserves to be unhoused during a global pandemic.

Making a Massachusetts that is affordable and accessible to all requires bold action and forward-thinking solutions. That is why I advocate for progressive taxation every session, so the wealthiest Bay Staters pay their fair share to drive the initiatives supporting our Commonwealth's working families.





  • S.143 | An act providing for diaper changing stations in public buildings and accommodations

  • S.723 | An act relative to pediatric care appointments

  • S.1124 | An act to promote efficiency in co-parent adoption

  • S.1245 | An act advancing public employee labor rights

  • S.1313 | An act establishing a pilot program to provide a support structure for parents during COVID-19 global pandemic