Our economy, healthcare infrastructure, education system, and community vitality depends on public health. I have been a vocal advocate in the Senate to protect you, your loved ones, and our communities from deadly and preventable diseases – including COVID-19 – throughout my tenure in the Legislature.

This session, Representative Paul Donato, Representative Andy Vargas, and I re-filed the Community Immunity Act, a bill to create standardized and centralized immunizations requirements and exemption processes for child care centers, K-12 schools, summer camps, and colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth. I have also been a leader in progressive policy to reduce disparities in maternal health and expand access to midwifery care in Massachusetts, as much work is needed to close race and income-based disparities in maternal health care.


A critical component of public health is abortion care, and any person seeking an abortion should be able to make that decision with the support of a trusted medical provider, without interference from lawmakers or fear of legal repercussions. I am deeply proud to use my experience as a scholar in reproductive justice and the law to protect and advance reproductive freedom and the right to choose here in Massachusetts.


  • S.143 | An act providing for diaper changing stations in public buildings and accommodations

  • S.723 | An act relative to pediatric care appointments

  • S.1126 | An act relative to consensual sexual activity

  • S.1128 | An act expanding confidentiality to certain sexual assault counselors

  • S.1515 | An act effectuating equity in COVID-19 vaccination

  • S.1516 | An act prohibiting the sale of Dextromethorphan to minors

  • S.1517 | An act promoting community immunity

  • S.1518 | An act promoting the health of pregnant persons

  • S.1519 | An act relative to out of hospital birth access and safety

  • S.1635 | An act to ensure compliance with the anti-shackling law for pregnant incarcerated women

  • S.1636 | An act relative to health education in women’s correctional institutions

  • S.1637 | An act relative to the use of chemical weapons against civilians

  • S.1972 | An act relative to mental health promotion through realistic advertising images

  • S.2232 | An act relative to better buildings