I have fought to safeguard Bay Staters' constitutional right to vote since day one in office. Voter suppression has no place in our Commonwealth, and I am committed to strengthening our democracy by expanding voting by mail, supporting Election Day voter registrationmoving our primary date to accommodate voters' busy lives, and modernizing our central voter registry. My advocacy in the Legislature resulted in our Commonwealth's first comprehensive vote-by-mail legislation during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that voters could cast their ballot safely and securely and that poll workers remained safe on Election Day. I am now committed to making voting by mail accessible for every election in Massachusetts.

We must also fight for transparency and good governance to ensure our government institutions work for the people. Through my past experience working as an attorney in the Executive Branch, I have fought to promote government efficiency and security through strong information governance policy. I have also been a vocal advocate for a complete census count  to ensure our state receives the full federal funding it needs for our schools, roads, transportation, and more. I am committed to our Commonwealth operates as efficiently and effectively as possible for every Bay Stater, and I am not afraid to roll my sleeves and fight for common-sense bureaucratic reform.



  • S. 421 | An Act to modernize the central registry of voters

  • S. 422 | An Act to ensure a complete, accurate, and equitable census count

  • S. 423 | An Act to expand voter access (including no-fault absentee voting)

  • S. 419 | An Act to promote good democracy in primary elections

  • S. 420 | An Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in municipal elections

  • S. 1900 | An Act regarding information governance

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