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Massachusetts has long been a leader in civil rights, and I am committed to continuing that tradition. Social justice is not legislative area, but a lens through which I analyze every bill. From climate justice to police reform, we must assess how every policy action (or inaction) disproportionately affects more marginalized communities in our Commonwealth.


I have led the charge on civil rights protections that are still absent from our Commonwealth's law books, including anti-discrimination protections for people experiencing homelessness, making body size discrimination unlawful, protections against sexual and identity-based harassment on Beacon Hill, and removing needless barriers to adoption for same-sex couples. With the MCI-Norfolk prison located within my district, I will always fight for access to medical care and better prison conditions for my incarcerated constituents, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During my first term in office, I voted in favor of an omnibus climate package to create a roadmap for a carbon neutral Massachusetts by 2050. That term, in response to Black Lives Matter protests nationwide, I also spoke on the Senate floor in favor of comprehensive police reform,  particularly banning the use of tear gas and rolling back qualified immunity, a legal doctrine whose original purpose has been eroded by courts over time and now restricts accountability for egregious misconduct by bad actors in law enforcement.

Everyone – regardless of race, gender, income, age, ability, creed, nationality, or sexuality – deserves civil rights, clean air and water, safety, dignity, and equal opportunity. There is still much work to do in pursuit of justice and equity, and I pledge to remain all in.



  • S.142 | An act providing a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness

  • S.382 | An act relative to celebrating and teaching Native American culture and history

  • S.490 | An act to ensure a complete, accurate, and equitable census count

  • S.608 | An act relative to recycling car seats

  • S.811 | An act relative to consistent treatment of life estates

  • S.1124 | An act to promote efficiency in co-parent adoption

  • S.1125 | An act establishing election day as a legal holiday

  • S.1127 | An act prohibiting body size discrimination

  • S.1128 | An act expanding confidentiality to certain sexual assault counselors

  • S.1356 | An act further addressing challenges to municipal governance caused by the COVID-19 emergency

  • S.1515 | An act effectuating equity in COVID-19 vaccination

  • S.1636 | An act relative to health education in women’s correctional institutions

  • S.2102 | An act promoting equality and respect in the legislature

  • S.2106 | An act modernizing birth certificates

  • S.2109 | An act to promote cost savings through the use of public water

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