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How to Support Your Community

Facing a global pandemic is no easy feat, but there are plenty of ways you as an individual can help out. Check out the list below and feel free to suggest any other resources or ideas to me and my team.


1. Check on your most vulnerable community members: This includes people who are elderly, chronically ill or immunocompromised, or living alone. A quick phone check-in call, grocery run, or trip to the pharmacy goes a long way. 


2. Donate to your local food pantry: With sharp economic downturn and lost wages, people in your community are experiencing food insecurity. Consider donating money to one of our district's food banks, or if you live outside of our district, please consult Project Bread to find your community pantry. 

3. Support your local mutual aid group: Individual communities have set up websites and groups on social media to provide assistance to local people in need. See if there is one available in your community, or if not, create your own

4. Donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Front line workers are in desperate need of face masks, gowns, goggles, hand sanitizer, and more. If you have access to any of these goods, please consider donating them to frontline workers. If you are a business that sells PPE, let us know.

5. Donate blood: Many blood drives have been canceled amidst the outbreak, but blood donations are perfectly safe and desperately needed by the American Red Cross. Find a donation station near you

6. Volunteer your healthcare experience: Do you have prior experience in public health, health care, or emergency response? Volunteer your service here

7. Adapt your business to produce PPE: If you own manufacturing facilities that could produce much needed emergency safety equipment, sign up to help here

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