Election Day


S. 421 | An Act to modernize the central registry of voters  FACT SHEET​​

  • ​requires that the central registry of voters be digitized and available  online to authorized election officials on election day. 


S. 422 | An Act to ensure a complete, accurate, and equitable census count FACT SHEET​​

  • creates a state-wide census equity commission to ensure a complete, accurate and equitable count of all residents, with particular focus on traditionally under-counted communities. 


S. 423 | An Act to expand voter access (including no-fault absentee voting) FACT SHEET​​

  • allows any voter to request an absentee ballot for any election for any reason.


S. 419 | An Act to promote good democracy in primary elections  FACT SHEET​​

  • moves the state primary date to the second Tuesday in June and requires any candidate appearing on the presidential ballot in Massachusetts to disclose four years of federal income tax returns.​​


S. 420 | An Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in municipal elections  FACT SHEET​​

  • permits municipalities to conduct local elections using ranked choice voting.


S. 1900 | An Act regarding information governance  FACT SHEET​​

  • requires agencies and municipalities to create and maintain a comprehensive information governance plan; recognizes attorney/client privilege and work product privilege as exceptions to the Public Records Law.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


  • S. 1335 | An Act advancing the health of pregnant persons

    • protects pregnant persons seeking abortion health care from fake women’s health centers, medically unnecessary counseling, waiting periods, and forced ultrasounds; codifies the right to abortion, among other protections.  FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 1332| An Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safety

    • expands access to safe and regulated maternal health care by creating a board of midwifery and providing licensure for certified professional midwives FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 75 | An Act providing for diaper changing stations in public buildings and accommodations

    • requires gender-neutral, semiprivate baby diaper changing stations in public buildings and accommodations.  FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 1334| An Act to reduce racial disparities in maternal health

    • creates a commission to guide the governor, general court and the secretary of health to assess and address racial disparities in maternal mortality.  FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 1453| An Act to ensure compliance with the anti-shackling law for pregnant incarcerated women

    • ensures that pregnant inmates will not be shackled while giving birth or receiving post-partum care.  FACT SHEET​​​

  • S. 1452| An Act for health education in women's correctional institutions

    • requires the department of corrections to provide health, contraception, and sex education to inmates at women’s correctional institutions.   FACT SHEET​​



  • S. 1898 | An Act promoting equality and respect in the legislature

    • creates an independent commission on workplace harassment and sexual assault in the legislature that will investigate and resolve complaints FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 1013 | An Act to promote efficiency in co-parent adoptions

    • provides a streamlined process for co-adoptions by same-sex married couples.  FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 76 | An Act relative to the safety, dignity, and civil rights of persons experiencing homelessness

    • protects people experiencing homelessness from discrimination in housing, employment and voter registration; codifies the right to rest and freedom from harassment; removes archaic laws about vagabonds, vagrants and tramps from the General Laws. FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 816 | An Act providing a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness

    • ​protects a person experiencing homelessness's rights and access to public services regardless of housing status. FACT SHEET​

  • S. 1012| An Act making discrimination on the basis of height and weight unlawful

    • prohibits discrimination on the basis of a person’s height or weight.   FACT SHEET​​

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  • S. 326 | An Act to achieve universal pre-kindergarten

    • creates a commission to study and make recommendations regarding the feasibility of universal pre-kindergarten.   FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 325 | An Act relative to compulsory full-day kindergarten

    • requires full-day kindergarten for all children in Massachusetts.  FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 1014| An Act relative to consensual adolescent sexual activity

    • decriminalizes consensual sexual activity between teenagers over the age of 14.   FACT SHEET​​


  • H. 2772 | An Act to promote cost savings through the use of public water (joint petition with Representative Maria Robinson)

    • prohibits the state from purchasing single use bottled water in any facility that has potable water except in cases of an emergency  FACT SHEET​​

  • S. 2011 | An Act establishing building energy performance standards

    • creates energy use standards for large non-residential buildings in Massachusetts.   FACT SHEET​​

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